MCF-Stillwater: Prison Officials Create “Humanitarian Crisis”

Stillwater, MN – Inmates are said to have had clothes “molding on their bodies” as the lockdown at Minnesota’s Stillwater state prison continues past the one-month mark. Conditions which Stillwater inmates have called a “humanitarian crisis” are among the reasons organizers have called for the nationwide 2018 Prison Strike. With human rights violations¬†in prisons being the norm across America, a call for an “improvement to the conditions of prisons” is the first of the strikers’¬†ten demands. “Immediate improvement to the conditions of prisons and prison policies that recognize the humanity of imprisoned persons.” – First demand of the 2018 Prison Strike At the understaffed and overcrowded Stillwater Prison in Minnesota (MCF-Stillwater, a facility more than 100 years old with about … Continue reading MCF-Stillwater: Prison Officials Create “Humanitarian Crisis”