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Faith Leaders March on U.S. Border in Solidarity With Migrants

U.S./Mexico border – Hundreds of faith leaders and allies marched to the United States border wall just south of San Diego in solidarity with the migrant caravan. They were met by Border Patrol agents and Department of Homeland Security police who arrested over thirty clergy…

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March to US Consulate

Hunger Strike Ends with March on U.S. Consulate

Tijuana, Mexico – After fourteen days of an ongoing hunger strike to bring attention to human rights violations against the migrant caravan, members of Pueblos Sin Fronteras met with Mexican officials at the National Institute of Migration (INM).  They also met with U.S. Officials at…

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Migrant Shelter

Migrants Moved to New Center as Hunger Strike Continues

Tijuana, Mexico – Thousands of migrants have been relocated to a new migrant shelter and await what changes may come as the new Mexican President takes office.

Caravan Moved to New Shelter in Tijuana Mexico from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.
In the shelter, migrants found…

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Migrants Speak as Thousands Continue to Arrive

Tijuana, Mexico – The influx of migrants from Central America arriving near the United States border continues. We returned to the Benito Juarez Stadium over the past two days. The first day, we spoke to Maria Louisa about her month-long voyage north, and the violence…

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Tear Gas at Border as Asylum Seekers Attempt to Cross

Tijuana, Mexico – Groups of asylum seekers that marched to the U.S./Mexico border to protest delays in the asylum process on November 25 were tear gassed by police forces from the United States. The march from Tijuana ran into lines of Mexican riot police as…

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Benito Juarez Migrant center

Asylum Seekers from Caravans Gather Along U.S./Mexico Border

Mexico/U.S. Border – Unicorn Riot sent a team of two that spent five days from November 15 to 20, 2018 along the United States/Mexico border south of San Diego, California as caravans of asylum seekers arrived in Tijuana, Mexico. We witnessed coils of razor wire…