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Economic Justice Rally Pushes for City Level Reparations

St. Paul, MN – After weeks of intense protests following the murder of George Floyd by police, Minnesota organizers are pushing legislative changes to bring forth justice for the Black community. One of those items is a bill that would distribute reparations for descendants of…

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image: South Philly residents confront anti-racist community members, one of whom has a sign "Fuck Columbus." A man is gesturing at her with a bat. Above the scene is a yellow bar with date & location, Philadelphia, June 13 - 14, 2020. In the background as a composite, a crowd is gathered around the Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza in South Philly.

Columbus Statue Focal Point for South Philly Right-Wingers

Philadelphia, PA – Marconi Plaza has served as the gathering site for right-wing South Philly residents this past weekend. Members of the crowd were predominantly of Italian-American heritage, reflecting the ethnic composition and culture of some of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Two weeks ago the city…

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National Guard Soldier Who Deployed to DC Identified as Neo-Nazi

Columbus, OH – When Ohio sent one hundred National Guard troops to Washington D.C. to assist the Trump administration’s repression of protests, they also sent at least one soldier tied to neo-nazi and white supremacist ideology. Last week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine confirmed that one…