2016 Republican National Convention: Research Appendices

Supporting information located by Unicorn Riot as we researched the 2016 Republican National Convention
Primary coverage: New Cleveland police and military documents discovered, NSSEs Feed Millions of Dollars Toward Militarization of Police Across American Cities

Appendix A: More 2016 RNC specific information

The anonymous zine released via Boston Indymedia is very informative.

Akron.com: Sheriff’s Office providing aid during RNC – 5/26/2016

The Sheriff’s Office will provide a mounted unit, bomb squad, SWAT team and mobile field force for civil disturbances at the convention, said Holland. The department will not be taking any police cruisers with it, he said, but will have horses, one or two bomb trucks and one or two SWAT vehicles. The mobile field force will be transported by shuttle, he said…..

Reimbursements for salaries and vehicles and a special “horse fee” will come from grant money received by the City of Cleveland. Lodging and meals also will covered, added Holland.
The Sheriff’s Office will not provide oversight to the other police forces from Summit County that also are expected to serve at the convention, said Holland. That will fall under the National Incident Management System control structure, according to Deb Matz, county director of law, insurance and risk management.

The City of Cleveland is obtaining a general liability insurance policy to cover any issues that arise, she added. Holland added mobile field force training was conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency this past winter. He added he will be hosting preparedness trainings before the event as a refresher for Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Guns allowed, water guns banned. Open Carry is okayed but water guns are banned in the soft zone. Really.

“A designated “event zone” extending for blocks around the facility holding the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer will allow lawful concealed carry, but will not allow the violent left-wing protesters who have been rioting outside presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s to carry so much as a large stick.”

Rightwing hand wringing about convention in DailyCaller.

More about the Cuyahoga County EOC.

LRAD mounting tech bids – so that directional sound cannon can be mobile probably.

Detailed Incident Command System wiki. Some material from here.

Ohio has four fusion centers: The Ohio Strategic Analysis and Information Center (SAIC), established in 2005, is a component of Ohio Homeland Security, a division of the Department of Public Safety. It is under the day-to-day operation of the State Highway Patrol and was designated as Ohio’s primary state fusion center in 2008. The SAIC opened a new 9,000-square-foot facility in September 2010. It houses Ohio’s 39 state and federal agencies participating in counterterrorism. The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORF) (formerly the Northeast Ohio Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group) in Cleveland is a component of the Cuyahoga County Department of Justice Affairs. The Cincinnati/Hamilton County Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group is a component of the Cincinnati Police Department and Hamilton County Homeland Security. The Central Ohio Terrorism Early Warning Group, a component of the Columbus Division of Police, is not certified by the federal government.

Ohio’s Homeland Response Force presentation.

NASA at the Glenn facility built a HAZMAT robot called MARSHA:

“Engineers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have developed an affordable mobile sensing platform that operates in many different hazardous environments to provide first responders with data collection and analysis tools to assess and minimize risks. Equippedwith adaptable plug-and-play components, NASA’s rugged yet agile Mobile And RemoteSensing Hazmat Activity (MARSHA) innovation can incorporate live video, audio, and/ora suite of sensor packages. Through wireless communication, experts not at the scene canaccess data and offer guidance. Designed with direct input from first responders, this innovation combines NASA-developed electronics, communications configurations, and controls and data handling software with commercial off-the-shelf components. The result is a user-friendly, quickly-configurable robotic platform that gathers crucial information indangerous situations without putting team members at risk. ”

Newsletter with MARSHA notes
NASA Videos.
More about MARSHA from Fuentek.com

Appendix B: Bonus infocakes for further research: Domestic military intelligence activity, telecoms and more

Very useful info: NLG 2012 report on conventions. See also Weapon report from CCLA: LETHAL IN DISGUISE, THE HEALTH CONSEQUENCES OF CROWD-CONTROL WEAPONS

Antifascist Calling (2008 St Paul):

While there is no indication in the MACC “seating chart” that the National Security Agency (NSA) was directly involved in providing “lead federal agencies” with signals intelligence (SIGINT), the fifth tier reveals that U.S. telecoms, all of whom are NSA private partners in warrantless wiretapping and driftnet data-mining were “present and accounted for” during the RNC.

NSSEs now tend to carry insurance that shields state actors from accountability over illegal actions that violate constitutional rights. see Star Tribune:

“Under an agreement with St. Paul, the RNC Host Committee, a group of local business leaders that coordinated activity during the convention, paid AIG $1.1 million for a $10 million insurance policy to cover suits against police.”

Cleveland (source): “will pay AON Risk Services Northeast a $1.5 million brokerage fee to help the city develop and obtain a $10 million insurance policy”.

National Incident Management System: NIMS FAQ main is good. NIMS was rolled out in 2008
FEMA ICS resources (flip down the rightface bracket)
NIMS training program
OSHA: what is ICS?

Minnesota’s 2008 RNC Joint Task Force wrapup PDF. Lots of important stuff in here including RC-26 Aircraft info.

“The Wisconsin and Mississippi Air National Guard provided unique assets in suppport of JTF-RNC. The RC-26B is equipped with full motion video downlink capability that produces realtimeaerial footage for ground forces.”

Similar military units in Ohio may be located here. See the video of RC-26 spy planes. Another example here. Will they use the 12th AF 178th Fighter Wing – Springfield, Ohio (MQ-1)?

2013 Domestic Operational Law Handbook for Judge Advocates. This is a must-read for understanding domestic military legal structures.

The RC-26 in most states is a counter-drug asset, not an intelligence asset, even though it is capable of collecting imagery of U.S. persons. In accordance with each respective state counter-drug plan, RC-26’s mission is to assist law enforcement in the capture of personnel involved in drug activities.

More on RC-26 PDF:

One such area is addressed by the RC-26, the ANG’s only dedicated, light-manned ISR aircraft that supports Special Operations Forces. Within the domestic mission, the RC-26 is the ANG’s premier aircraft for Incident Awareness and Assessment for National Special Security Events, counter narcotics, homeland security,and response to natural or manmade disasters.

Further National Guard material here.

2012 DHS Geospatial Initiative.

A few years old: Northcom situational awareness team and related activity.

National Communications System and GETS

Peter Dale Scott linked NCS to deep state political events including Oliver North in Iran-Contra.
Delaware gets GETS
Homeland Security FAQ on GETS
Major 76 page GAO report on NCS & GETS
GETS Briefing
Trade journal article about GETS.
Internet architecture specs proposal
More about GETS.

The Foundations of Communication in Criminal Justice Systems By Daniel Adrian Doss, William H. Glover, Jr., Rebecca A. Goza, Michael Wigginton, Jr.

List of many JTF missions.

Cisco at NSSE Video.


Alternet: National Guard Referred to Ferguson Protesters as 'Enemy Forces', Emails Show.

NSSE GEOINT Theory: NGA for events.
The Power of GEOINT PDF.
NGA surveillance doctrine. More here.
what is GEOINT video.
Related policy document
Crazy GEOINT L3 flowcharts (PDF)

2009: Advanced spy architecture. (PDF)

Old NSSE contracting information. (PDF)


Spy satellite info: One // Two.

KH-4 domestic spy satellite surveillance

Overhead Imagery 1. Overhead Imagery 2.

Situational Awareness Geospatial Enterprise (SAGE) and stuff.
Dual Status Command info.

Examples of free and open-source search analytical and mapping tools include MapQuest, Geofeedia, Google Earth, TweetDeck, Social Mention, and HootSuite. Tools offering analytical algorithms, prediction and outcome modeling, and proprietary analytical decision supportinclude Calais, Zemanta, General Dynamics’ TIGR (Tactical Ground Reporting System), U.S. Northern Command’s (USNORTHCOM) SAGE (Situational Awareness Geospatial Enterprise), Palantir, the Department of Energy’s RaptorX, and IBM InfoSphere. The American Red Cross uses the Radian6 platform developed by Salesforce.com to pull social media content from several platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. The tool then aggregates and analyzes the data and displays information

First responder social media decision support.

More convention info here. Checklist and
NSSE transport planning.

NATO 2012 NSSE Finance Report !O.O!

Interagency Integrated Standard Operating Procedure

GEOSPATIAL VENDORS: Commercial tech.
2005 Crime mapping news.
CISCO mapping.

Appendix C: ICWatch Files show NSSE geospatial intelligence tech & “Common Operating Picture”

Devin Kee, All Source Intelligence Analyst Timestamp: 2015-12-26

AT/FP NCOICStart Date: 2001-08-01End Date: 2012-09-01

Night shift NCOIC of Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Emergency Operations Center (J-34) for JTF-RNC-2012. Developed the J-34 Open Source Intelligence collection plan for research and supervision of actives of protestor groups via social media outlets. Regularly coordinated with J-2 Intelligence section in development of risk matrices and other daily products for JOC briefing. Responsible for coordination with local Law Enforcement and other agencies to monitor to protestor activities, movements, and events during the RNC. – Produced over 50 products for a variety of customers (JOC Commander, LEA, J-2/J-34, etc) – Awarded Florida Commendation Medal for Achievements while supporting JTF-RNC-2012

Anti Terrorism Force Protection Emergency Operations Center
Tampa, FL

Marie Kennedy, Geospatial Intelligence Start Date: 2009-08-01

Common Operational Picture (COP) for the National Special Security Event (NSSE), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Senior Leader’s Meeting. During execution period, served on the dual-status command staff, Joint Task Force – Kupa’a, enabling a blended Title 10 and Title 32 capability to ensure seamless Civil Support during the NSSE. Continuously tailored 31 active base layers of information including the processing, maintenance, and accessibility of live data feeds from USPACOM, NGB, NGA, HPD, DHS, NORTHCOM, and FBI.