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‘Zaghrouda’ in the Midst of the Sudan War

Since April 15, 2023 war has been raging across Sudan — a war waged by two generals who formerly collaborated to crush the December Revolution, which started in late 2018. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, Head of the Sudanese Army (SAF), has fought a brutal campaign against the…

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Starving Palestinians in Gaza Scramble for Aid Drops

Gaza Strip, Palestine — The whole population of the Gaza Strip – over two million residents – is now facing starvation from the Israeli military bombardment, blockade and siege on Gaza. As the Israeli military and far-right Zionist settlers block aid shipments bound for destroyed…

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Resisting Starvation in Gaza

As the genocidal campaign in Gaza enters its sixth month, Israel’s use of forced starvation as a tactic is escalating. First through a total siege, then by preventing the delivery of aid, and most recently by slaughtering aid seekers in the now-infamous Flour Massacres. Forced…

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‘Gold Mafia’ Kingpin Anointed MP as Zimbabwe Disenfranchises 108 Elected Officials

Pedzai Sakupwanya, the losing ZANU-PF candidate known as the “New Mr. Gold” inherited a free parliamentary seat as Zimbabwe's government dismissed 108 elected opposition officials and barred 46 from subsequent by-elections. Violence, gold money and lawfare came into focus in a by-election campaign that gave away the southern African country's troubled democracy.

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Gaza War Spillover: Lebanon’s Silent Displacement Crisis

Tyre, Lebanon — For the past few months, the world’s attention has been focused on Gaza and its besieged population suffering from Israeli attacks. However, during this period in south Lebanon, thousands of people have also been suffering due to the reignited conflict between Israel…

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Palestinian Paints Murals on Rubble Amid War on Gaza

Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine — Artist Amal Abu Al-Sabah, 26, paints on houses bombed by Israel during their war on Gaza. Her message to the world: “That the Israeli aggression must cease once and for all. And that no more aggression should ever afflict Gaza…

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Greek Anarchist Collective Targeted by the State

The far-right Greek government has been going after the anarchist collective Rouvikonas (Rubicon) in similar ways as the U.S. has attempted to dismantle the ‘Cop City’ movement with state-level domestic terrorism and RICO charges. From wrongfully charging two Rouvikonas members with murder to attempting to…

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Lions Face Starvation in Gaza’s Last Remaining Zoo

Rafah, Palestine — Animals are dying and facing starvation in the last remaining zoo in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza — backed by the U.S. and a handful of western European nations. In Ahmed Joumaa’s private zoo in…

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Kendrick Lamar in Africa – Big Stepper’s Heritage Plug

The following article is a cultural commentary on the music career of American rapper Kendrick Lamar, and how his tours of the African continent has influenced his music. The views and opinions expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of Unicorn Riot.

Kendrick Lamar’s hip…

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Soldiers of the Republic of Niger in 2015

African Coups Boot French Colonizers, Leave Power Vacuums

On July 26, 2023, the presidential guard detained Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum and placed him under house arrest. The perpetrators then appeared on national television and announced to the nation they were seizing power to end Niger’s deteriorating security situation and bad governance. Days later,…