Over the past seven years, Unicorn Riot has built a worker-managed non-profit media organization. We have worked tirelessly to build a platform that focuses on primary source reporting and on-the-ground coverage. Our reporters go where the story is unfolding to bring you the voices of real people alongside crucial context and facts.

Our media platform publishes original content, such as:

  • Live video streams of protests, civil unrest, migrant camps and border zones, political conventions, summits, speaking events and cultural performances
  • In-depth investigations providing transparency into police killings, surveillance of social movements, and spotlighting corporate and government abuses
  • Extensive reports exposing the most active white supremacist organizations in the U.S. based on our vast online database of leaked chats
  • Community-focused coverage on arts and culture, alternative economics models, and sustainable living
  • Short and long-form documentaries
  • International reports and breaking news coverage

Unicorn Riot cultivates an alternative model that thrives outside the profit-driven media economy. We provide Creative Commons media that’s publicly available for free without ads or paywalls.

Unicorn Riot content is only made possible because we are independently funded through contributions from our audience.