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As Border Protection’s Budget Increases, So Does Its Reach

Customs and Border Protection, the federal agency tasked with policing international borders in the U.S., is set to receive billions in additional funding after Congress passed its latest spending package. The agency, which has long avoided accountability, has a troubled history of law enforcement away…

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Shahba, Syria: Survival as Resistance

Shahba and the wider Aleppo area have been the most damaged by the ongoing war, as it was the worst-hit during the clashes between warring parties. For years subjected to infrastructure bombing, the 2023 earthquake made it even worse.

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Protests Against Anti-Immigrant Laws to Continue

Recent protests and boycotts in response to anti-immigrant legislation in Florida are having lasting impacts on communities upheld by undocumented immigrants. The June 1st labor strikes coordinated by Latino organizers on TikTok made a statement not just on the seriousness of the immigration debate but…

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Arizona Agrees to Remove Shipping Containers from US-Mexico Border

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s office told the federal government yesterday that he will remove the makeshift shipping container barrier he constructed along the US-Mexico border, both in the Coronado National Forest in Cochise County and near Yuma, Arizona. The agreement was filed as a stipulation…

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A Quiet Retreat: Hundreds of Shipping Containers Hauled to AZ State Prison as Protests Halt Border Wall

Southern Arizona – Starting Tuesday, along I-10 in Southern Arizona, observant commuters may have noticed a peculiar uptick in the interstate’s westbound traffic — dozens, maybe even hundreds, of empty shipping containers were hauled one-by-one down the highway.

From unincorporated land in Cochise County to…

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Immigrant Legalization Action at Senator Klobuchar’s Office

Minneapolis, MN – Activists gathered at the office of Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to sign a bill legalizing the status of over three million immigrants. The protest featured a car blockade on Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis during rush…