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For our spring 2021 stream collection, see our Derek Chauvin Trial and Daunte Wright Brooklyn Center Streams. See our fall/winter 2020 streams here.

Press Conference with Winston Smith’s Family Denouncing No Charges in Police Killing [Minneapolis, MN]

October 15, 2021

20th Annual Four Directions March Honors Indigenous Peoples’ Day [Denver, CO]

October 11, 2021

Celebrating the Passing of the Hardel Sherrell Act [St Paul, MN]

October 2, 2021 – ST PAUL – Families of lost loved ones and community have gathered to remember Hardel Sherrell and celebrate new legislation passed in his name.

Nov 2019: Harrowing Footage Shows Man’s Last Days Before Dying in Jail – May 2021: Demanding the Passage of the Hardel Sherrell Act

‘Running Down The Walls’ Marathon Organizes to Support Political Prisoners [Philadelphia, PA]

September 12, 2021

Thousands Rally At Minnesota Capitol to #StopLine3

August 25, 2021

March for Justice for Justin Teigen and All Stolen Lives

August 22, 2021

Rally & March Against Line 3 at Minnesota Governor’s Mansion

August 16, 2021

Anti-Eviction Protest at Philly Mayor Jim Kenney’s House

August 10, 2021

Impacted Black and Gender Oppressed Day in Philly (Evening session)

August 9, 2021

Protest Against Prison Profiteer Companies at Aramark Offices in Philly

August 7, 2021

Celebrating the Life of Calvin Horton, Killed by Shop Owner During George Floyd Uprising

July 21, 2021

Presser on Paramilitary Activity Working with MPD to Quash Winston Smith Protest

July 20, 2021

Open Carry March for Black Power & Call for Justice for Dorian Murrell

July 17, 2021 Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Town Hall on Racism: ‘How to Protect Our Community’

July 16, 2021 Indianapolis, IN

Legal Updates in Dorian Murrell’s Killing from Attorney Malik Shabazz

July 16, 2021 Indianapolis, IN

4th Annual Banquet in Remembrance of Cordale Handy Featuring Families of Lost Loved Ones

July 10, 2021

A Tree Sit and Lockdowns Move to Halt Line 3 Construction

July 7, 2021

Water Protectors Continue to Use Non-Violent Direct Action Against Line 3 Pipeline Construction

July 1, 2021

Water Protectors Lock to Horizontal Directional Drill Near Intended Straight River Crossing

June 23, 2021

Police operation clears Winston Smith and Deona Marie protests

June 15, 2021

Direct action against Line 3 equipment yard

June 15, 2021

‘Treaty People Gathering’ Resists Line 3 Pipeline

June 8, 2021

June 7, 2021

Protests on Lake Street after Police Killing

June 3, 2021

Community Gathers at George Floyd Square After City Removes Concrete Barriers

June 3, 2021

Saint Paul, MN – Press Conference Demanding the Passage of the Hardel Sherrell Act

May 17, 2021

Philadelphia, PA – Philly Commemorates 36th Anniversary of MOVE Bombing

May 13, 2021

Philadelphia, PA – Protest at UPenn Over Misuse of Bones of Children Killed in MOVE Bombing

April 28, 2021 – Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA – Rally to free Mumia Abu-Jamal

April 24, 2021 – Philadelphia, PA

George Floyd Uprising in Minneapolis–Saint Paul: The First Two Weeks

Minneapolis, MN – Waves of rage tore through the Twin Cities community after a video of Minneapolis police officers mercilessly killing George Floyd went viral. Fires were lit across the world as a new movement spread rapidly with the goal of dismantling the police and all other racist institutions.

Since the beginning of the uprising, Unicorn Riot has provided dozens of hours of live streams and coverage documenting the first two weeks after Floyd’s death in the Twin Cities.

Below is a snapshot of the series of events that took place in those two weeks, detailed in chronological order. We preface this summary report by saying it only contains portions of our own original reporting from the first two weeks following Floyd’s death; much more happened during this time period that we did not report on. (Click here to navigate to specific days.) Read More … 


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