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‘Zaghrouda’ in the Midst of the Sudan War

Since April 15, 2023 war has been raging across Sudan — a war waged by two generals who formerly collaborated to crush the December Revolution, which started in late 2018. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, Head of the Sudanese Army (SAF), has fought a brutal campaign against the…

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Resisting Starvation in Gaza

As the genocidal campaign in Gaza enters its sixth month, Israel’s use of forced starvation as a tactic is escalating. First through a total siege, then by preventing the delivery of aid, and most recently by slaughtering aid seekers in the now-infamous Flour Massacres. Forced…

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Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Relatives Remembered

On any given month in the past decade, a range of 27 to 54 Indigenous women and girls are listed as missing in Minnesota. To raise awareness of this crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, two-spirit people and relatives (MMIW/R), activists in Minnesota use Valentine's Day, February 14, to hold events, along with May 5 being the official MMIW day.

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Palestinian Paints Murals on Rubble Amid War on Gaza

Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine — Artist Amal Abu Al-Sabah, 26, paints on houses bombed by Israel during their war on Gaza. Her message to the world: “That the Israeli aggression must cease once and for all. And that no more aggression should ever afflict Gaza…

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Ancient Roman Graves Discovered in Gaza

Gaza Strip — Over the past two years, Palestinian workers in the Gaza Strip have discovered 134 ancient Roman era-graves. The most recent discoveries came in September of this year as dozens more graves were found, with a number of them displaying very unique and…

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‘The Neighborhood’s Communication Department’ — Confluence Studio’s Print Shop

Minneapolis, MN — “We’re trying to be the neighborhood’s communication department” said Duaba, Confluence Studio’s co-founder, while standing inside a shipping container-turned print shop in South Minneapolis. “We worked with neighbors,” said Confluence’s other co-founder Sam, “to collaboratively construct this idea of what a newsroom…

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MayDay Festivities Return to Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — After three years on hiatus, the MayDay parade and ceremony returned to South Minneapolis. On Sunday, May 7, 2023, thousands of people filled Bloomington Avenue to watch the Southside Battletrain lead the parade into Powderhorn Park where a ceremony occurred.

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