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Born from the Internet in 2015, our commercial-free platform operates non-hierarchically, independent of corporate or government control. Unicorn Riot is a registered 501(c)(3) in Minnesota, under the EIN #47-3482047. All of our financial support comes from grants and from you, our audience.

Testimonials from Unicorn Riot Supporters:

Nathan: Your dedication to understanding the struggles of our community (beyond just recent events) is incredible. Thank you so much for your coverage AND historical context as well as personal history. Please keep looking out for us.

Laura: Please please never let them silence you. Thank you for your dedication to unfiltered real-time reporting and your unwillingness to be under the thumb of a corporate master. You are the future.

Jen: Keep your voices heard! Thank you for providing an alternative to mainstream media coverage of what’s going on. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Hunter: Thank you so much for everything y’all have been doing. You’re out there risking your lives to bring the truth out to the world and what you do is such a beautiful thing. Thank you for your dedication to making peoples’ voices heard and for everything you’ve done. Stay safe out on those streets and keep fighting the good fight.

Tim: I really appreciate and value the live coverage from Minneapolis by Unicorn Riot. Uncensored on the ground reporting, showing people speak their truth.

Anonymous: Glad to donate to keep the Press free and willing to publish the truth while others don’t. The first thing to go in a Dictatorship is freedom of the Press. Stay safe out there, don’t let thug policemen stop you from reporting the truth

Amy D: I never knew about you until the murder George Floyd. Thank you for putting your life in danger to make sure the whole picture is painted for me.

Rhea: Thank you for what you all do. Freedom of speech and press is still so so limited, even though we have the rights to them. Thank you for your courage and fighting for a better cause. Stay safe out there.

Aiden F: I looked you guys up, Left center news media with a high degree of factual reporting. Worth my money, that’s for damn sure 😁

Emilia S A: Your work is courageous and essential. THANK YOU for exposing the truth of how Minneapolis police have responded to peaceful protestors & media. Thank you for giving voice to those crying out to be heard. Thank you for recording to provide a corrective to the lies that will be told in months and years to come about this time.

Timothy: Breathtaking, Uncompromised Journalism – an exemplar of the Power of the Press in its most Unfiltered Form – I am sincerely honored to contribute to their mission

Walken: I’ve loved y’all from the beginning, thank you so much for your bravery, your awareness, your presence and connection to the twin cities especially, this place that I love so dearly. You help me know what is really going on in my home even when I can’t be there and for that I can’t thank you enough. 🖤🖤🖤

Carl S: Your existence is vital as it’s the only reporting treating the people on the streets fairly and not attempting to contextualize everything with a personal agenda. Thank you.

Natalie: You are a part of history, you are providing the truth and eye-witness accounts during a time where lies and fraudulence is running amok in the news/media. For as long as I live, I’ll never forget tuning into your livestream during the closing week of May, watching the 3rd precinct fall among fireworks and the victorious feeling that swept Minneapolis having torn down a massive symbol of tyrany with their bare hands. Thank you for all that you do, you are all so brave. Keep fighting, keep reporting, keep bringing the truth. Thank you, so so much.

Gunnar: Thank you for bringing us the real view of what’s happening out here.

Josh: Unicorn Riot is doing an amazing service to community by showing events as they unfold versus the sensationalist, twisted narratives the corporate media puts forth to keep a populace in line

Allison Ruth: Thank you, Unicorn Riot. I am so much more informed about what is going on in the world (and esp Minneapolis) because of you. Grateful for you being out there and talking to actual people – unfiltered and unaltered.

Brittany: Thank you so much for the work y’all are doing. The world could use some more truth.

Michelle: your coverage in the aftermath of george floyd’s murder has been absolutely invaluable for our community. thank you for your commitment to fact-based reporting and your dedication to amplifying voices that are grossly underrepresented in mainstream media!

Esther: Thank you for your bravery and putting yourselves in harm’s way to break the stories others can’t. Keep up the good work, I will donate monthly as long as I can and encourage others to do so. Y’all are greatly loved.

Babs: Your coverage is priceless. Thank your for bearing witness and streaming what you see and hear for all or us to see first hand.

Kim: Thank you, Unicorn Riot for providing the real news; unedited, without bias, continual coverage for news that matters and truly affects the citizens of our country.

Deborah M: It’s relieving to know there is one media outlet still conducting on the ground coverage and fighting for the truth.

Stephen W: Probably don’t agree with a lot of your politics…but thanks for the streams appreciated guys

Nathan: thanks for the big data dump on the Nazis that attacked Charlottesville. One of them, Derrick Davis, is trying to start up a compound in my county. Your information was crucial in making sure the local government and law enforcement were made aware of who we are dealing with.

Robert: Your coverage has been seriously amazing, and inspiring. I’ve heard voices and ideas that as a 52 year old middle class white man I would never have the opportunity to hear. The coverage of the rallies has been outstanding. Thank you, and stay safe!

Andrew: Your on the ground journalism has been so important during this turbulent time in our community.

Tony M: Thank you for everything that you do! The risking of your lives to provide unbiased reporting and talk to the citizens of Minneapolis (and other cities/states) during the protests is incredible. This is a country made of the people, by the people and for the people. Keep up the good work!

Janine: Awesome job showing us what the real world is doing. I’m so tired of The Apprentice White House reality show version of “alternative facts”. Thank you!

Travis: Thank you for risking your safety for the sake of honest journalism. We need independently funded media, now more than ever.

Michael G: We need people to keep doing investigative reporting without corporate interests involved. Keep up the good work!

Wynter: Thank you for providing a voice to those who otherwise would never be heard!! Be well, Black Lives Matter, and happy Pride month!

John: Unicorn Riot shows the demands of the people in the news rather than using it for drama to increase profits.

Anonymous: The world needs uncensored, fact-based LIVE reporting like you provide. Thank you and stay safe out there!

Elizabeth: Thank you for your ongoing coverage and journalistic integrity. It has been so important to be able to show friends and family what’s going on in the US right now. I hope this help you keep the cameras rolling.

Michael: Love you, Unicorn Riot. Thank you for bringing small community voices to the world.

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