Solecast 26 w/ Adam Brock On Social Permaculture & Urban Gardening

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Solecast 26 is with Adam Brock co-founder of the Growhaus.  Adam is a permaculturist, activist and educator. Growhaus is: “a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Their vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and their mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic development.”

Sole and Adam have a wide ranging conversation about gardening and its relationship to revolutionary politics.  Adam gives a broad overview and introduction to permaculture. In 2017 Adam has a book coming out called Social Permaculture, which takes lessons from permaculture theory and applies them to every day struggles.

Topics discussed include:

  • DIY Gardening as part of a revolutionary practice
  • Food justice & Sovereignty
  • The relationship between indigenous cultures & the (de)colonization of permaculture
  • Use of permaculture to regenerate eco systems
  • A long take on farming &  global warming
  • Lots of gardening tips, ideas, concepts, & resources

For more info on Adam’s upcoming book, Social Permaculture:

For more info on the Growhaus:

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