Protesters in Colorado Counter Anti-Queer Evangelical ‘Let Us Worship’ Event

Boulder, CO – Only a few days into Pride month, an anti-queer, anti-abortion evangelical event series called Let Us Worship is having its summer tour kickoff outside the Vinelife Church. The right-wing Christian group was formed in 2020 by self-identified missionary Sean Feucht because he felt that the COVID-19 shut downs and mandates were infringing on his ability to worship: “Our tagline was ‘the church has left the building’ and literally, I mean, we couldn’t go in our buildings, you know, ’cause of all these tyrannical, psychotic, you know, regulations.”

Boulder Democratic Socialists of America, SAFE Boulder, and others are protesting the event because the event series is “a hotbed of Trumpism and Christian nationalism, with frequent calls for a far-right, theocratic U.S. government. These rallies are also actively queerphobic: attendees who are ‘battling with same-sex attraction’ are told that they are sinners who need to be ‘set free’ from their queerness.”

Unicorn Riot is covering the counter-protest on the ground, and you can watch our live coverage below.

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