Eight Years of Frontline Independent Media: Unicorn Riot

We’re seeking to raise $18,000 signifying eight years of independent media along with a hope for ten more years!

Since 2015, Unicorn Riot has been spotlighting stories from the frontlines of social and environmental struggles with non-commercial media published free to the public. For nearly the first half of the eight years, UR members volunteered their time, equipment, expertise, and efforts to help build and grow Unicorn Riot. Thanks to the support of our great community, we were able to become sustainable while paying members and contributors meaningful wages. This year as we celebrate eight years of being incorporated as a non-profit on March 20 and going live with our website in April of 2015, we ask for your continued support!

Your support goes directly to the general operating costs of Unicorn Riot, which pays for some of the following: equipment and data costs, platform and website costs, legal fees, travel expenses, and compensation for journalists and administrators.