Unicorn Riot

Family Leads Protest After Jacob James Killed by Sioux Falls Police

On August 9, 2022, Sioux Falls police officers fatally shot 21-year-old Jacob James. Police say they were conducting a drug investigation and pulled over a vehicle in the parking lot of a Burger King when men ran from the vehicle. Police say James fired shots from a handgun towards police and a detective and an investigator returned fire, striking James at least four times. He died a short time later. At least 21 bullet casings from the police were found on the scene and a couple spent casings and a .40 caliber handgun were found near James’ body, according to police, who also report the .40 caliber handgun slide was jammed. James’ family has questions and have only been shown two screenshots from police video which don’t conclusively show James with a handgun. Family and community have continued to gather and protest every Friday in Sioux Falls to demand accountability and justice for Jacob James. Video contributed & edited by Kirk Sidlo. More: https://unicornriot.ninja/2022/sioux-falls-native-community-rallies-for-justice-in-police-killing-of-lakota-youth-jacob-james/