Unicorn Riot

#OccupyICEDenver Blockade Participants Speak Out

Centennial, CO – On Thursday, August 2, 2018, eight individuals created blockades with their bodies in front of the two main driveway entrances to the ICE Denver Field Office. The blockade lasted seven hours until the police sawed off the PVC pipes, where the participants’ hands were locked together inside. All eight individuals were detained and placed in a transport vehicle, which their supporters expected was heading to the Arapahoe County Detention Center.Instead, the transport vehicle drove a mile down the road and told the eight individuals they could leave.One individual who did not share any information with the police was taken to jail, but did not end up getting booked. The police attempted to book the individual on federal charges, but were denied the jurisdiction to do so, therefore the police put the individual back into the transport vehicle and dropped them off on the side of a road just before midnight. Each participant received a court summons and citation charging them with “unreasonably obstructing the usual use of a parking lot.”