Revolution in Every Country Comic Series

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Revolution in every country (ثورة بكل البلدان) is the name of a chant that was sung during the Lebanese uprisings in 2019. It was a chant of solidarity with communities in the SWANA region (South West Asian/ North African) and around the globe that were/are resisting their own oppressive regimes. The chant was rooted in the understanding that we, as people with revolutionary demands, have so much to learn from different revolutionary struggles, especially those happening concurrently: whether it’s learning how to build strong communities or learning how to turn off tear gas.

Drawn by Hisham Rifai and written by Ayman Makarem, this comics series will cover inspiring revolutionary movements, events, ideas, and the frontline communities that are almost always erased in macro-level geo-political analyses. The comics will be both educational and accessible, and each comic will also be accompanied by a list of relevant books, podcasts, and/or documentaries on the topics discussed.

About the creators: Ayman Makarem is a Lebanese writer primarily interested in the intersection of the personal and the political. Hisham Rifai is a Lebanese artist and illustrator. He is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium completing an advanced master’s in research in arts and design. His work aims to combine political urgency with artistic practices.

Episode 1 – Syria: Erasing an Inconvenient Revolution

Episode 2 – Sudan: Building Power From Below

Episode 3 – Lebanon: On the Necessity of Intersectionality

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