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Protesters Face 80 Years as US Attorney Brings Unprecedented Mass Felony Charges

Washington, DC – Dozens of the over two hundred people arrested protesting President Trump’s inauguration on January 20 (‘J20’) have appeared in court over the last two weeks.
(Content Advisory: Sexual Assault)
The arrests took place on the morning of January 20 during an ‘anti-capitalist/anti-fascist’…

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Black Bloc Confronts March 4 Trump in Denver

Denver, CO – As part of the national call to show support for Trump, Denver held a “March 4 Trump” at the capitol building. A counter event was called by the Denver Action Network to disrupt the rally. Unicorn riot was live in downtown Denver…

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Millions Join Women’s Marches Worldwide, Empowering Some Femme Voices while Diminishing Others

On January 21st, 2017, there were nearly five hundred Women’s Marches in the United States and two hundred internationally. Attendance at the largest marches, located in Washington, D.C., Chicago, NYC, Boston, Denver, and Los Angeles, were estimated to number between 100,000-750,000 each.
According to the…