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Docs Show MPD Communicating With Military About Boogaloo Members

Minneapolis, MN – A ‘Boogaloo Bois’ member interview during 2020 unrest in Minneapolis triggered a wave of intra-agency information sharing which ultimately connected to a federal investigation and indictments. Documents obtained by Unicorn Riot, including emails from the Minneapolis Police (MPD) sent to the FBI,…

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MPD Political Extremism Powerpoint Spotlights Antifa and Boogaloo

Minneapolis, MN – Unicorn Riot has obtained documents used to train Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) staff on political extremism. The training presentation is entitled “Political Extremists / Anarchists, a brief summary of groups that border the line between protest and domestic terrorism.” The MPD documents…

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Patriotwave’s Boogaloo: Engineering an Aesthetic of Violence

CONTENT ADVISORY: Bigotry, violence, sexual assault

Whether Proud Boys in their Fred Perry uniforms ‘standing back and standing by,’ or white men in polo shirts and khakis holding torches, modern white supremacy violence has a specific look and feel to it. The latest trend in…