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Lions Face Starvation in Gaza’s Last Remaining Zoo

Rafah, Palestine — Animals are dying and facing starvation in the last remaining zoo in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza — backed by the U.S. and a handful of western European nations. In Ahmed Joumaa’s private zoo in…

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South Minneapolis Creates Free Organic Market

Minneapolis, MN – On September 19th we met up with Fernanda Hart, the CANDO Sustainability & Food Access organizer, to learn about a project called “Plant-Grow-Share.”

We spent the day biking through the Central neighborhood of South Minneapolis, following handmade maps with the safest, quickest…

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Urban Communities Build Autonomous Food Systems

In late July, Unicorn Riot interviewed three members of Zintkala Luta: a Minneapolis-based educational non-profit, dedicated to offering youth and activists access to nutritional foods and programs which teach native traditions, L/Dakota and Ojibwe language and local organic food cultivation.

They are among a growing movement…