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Southside Minneapolis Encampment Faces Eviction Threat

Minneapolis, MN – Another encampment of unhoused people living in tents is threatened by the City of Minneapolis for eviction. For almost two months now, an empty lot on 29th Street and 14th Avenue in South Minneapolis has had a growing number of people residing…

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Unscathed: How the Press Helps Hide Target’s Harm [Film]

This 30-minute short film examines the role of the mainstream media in denying the voices of Black youths and adults in Minneapolis. The press serves as an intermediary between the multinational retail giant Target Corp., who funds draconian policing and prosecution, and local government. Experts…

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Forest Defenders

Police Raid Atlanta Forest Occupation

Atlanta, GA – On Tuesday, May 17, law enforcement from several jurisdictions, including SWAT teams armed with rifles, conducted a raid on the burgeoning autonomous zone within the Atlanta Forest, arresting eight people and destroying six treehouses and other protest infrastructure.

After the raid, officers…

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The Mothers Podcast Episode 1

Dorothy Copp Elliott, a Maryland schoolteacher and the mother of Archie Elliott III reflects back to 1993 when Prince George’s County Police Officers Jason Leavitt and Wayne Cheney fatally shot her 24-year-old son 14 times during a traffic stop. At the time Elliott was killed,…