Deprogram: Episode 7

Ep 7: #DistractinglySexy #OPMhack #TPP #ShellNo #TamirRice #DallasPDshooting #DemouriaHogg #BodyCams Int’l Report, Interviews w/ Alex Landau about Police Brutality & Kurt Hanna on Medical Marijuana in MN –

“Deprogram”, a live show hosted by Zo and Niko that attempts to examine the roots of the struggles that preside throughout different communities.


“Deprogram” episode 7 featured a run down on the statement made by Sir Tim Hunt that swirled into #DistractinglySexy, the #OPMhack, #TPP update, #ShellNo “kayactivists” attempt to stop Arctic Drill, judge ruling that evidence is there to charge officers for the murder of #TamirRice, #DallasPDshooting, Oakland PD killing of #DemouriaHogg, and South Carolina requiring Body Cams for all LEOs.

We had our third installment of the International Report.

We then played Muja Messiah’s ‘It Goes Down’ music video featuring I Self Devine.

We were joined by Alex Landau for our first interview. He spoke about his experience with Police Brutality in Denver.

Lastly, we were joined by Kurtis Hanna, who spoke amidst audio problems, about medical marijuana in Minnesota.

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