Anonymous Takes Down Denver City Website over Dion Avila Damon Shooting

April 23, 2016

Denver, CO – Shortly after 4 pm on Friday, April 22, the twitter account for ‘New World Hackers’ (NWH), a hacktivist crew associated with several Anonymous operations, announced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack against, the official website for the City of Denver. The attack was carried out in protest of last week’s fatal shooting of unarmed Dion Avila Damon by Jeff Motz of the Denver Police Department.

The Denver city website remained offline for most or all of Friday night. was observed to come back online for brief periods only to shortly go down again. The site appeared to be up and running again on the morning of Saturday, April 23.

During the morning of April 23, New World Hackers struck again, this time targeting the Bank of Denver with a DDOS attack. The attack lasted throughout the morning and the site is operational going into Saturday night.

According to HackRead cybersecurity journalist Waqas Amir, the “New World Hackers” who claimed responsibility have also hinted at the possibility of “a database leak within a week or so depending on the response from Denver police department.”

There is a ‘Justice for Dion Avila Damon’ rally planned for Tuesday, April 26 at the site of Dion Avila Damon’s murder at 14th St. & Bannock Ave. outside the art museum.

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