Cultural Activities Continue at #NoDAPL Camps, More Arrests/Warrants

Standing Rock Reservation, ND – On Sunday, September 11th, participants in the encampments against the Dakota Access Pipeline had traditional horse races organized by The Indian Problem and a hip-hop concert, organized by Red Warrior Camp on the land near construction areas.

Horse riders from various indigenous nations gathered to race each other and appreciate the important relationship with horses that their different cultures have. A horse race took place in a track at the back of the campsite. We spoke with Sitting Bull College’s horseman associate about the event (video below).

Traditional Horse Games held at #NoDapl Camp from Unicorn Riot.

There is over 100 tribes here and there is a lot of horse nations here. Years ago, when the tribes had gotten together, they had horse games, horse challenges, to see who the better horsemen were. It’s all in fun…bringing some ancestral games back to modern day. Horses are a big part of our life, our culture. I think they bring a healing to our people. A healing that we all need. They’re a big part of why we’re still here…It’s a good feeling that our horse culture is still alive and well.” – Philip Bird Horse

Later in the afternoon, Red Warrior Camp set up a sound system and held a concert into the evening hosting performances by a number of radical indigenous hip-hop artists. The lineup included Stuart James, MC Rhetorik, Mic Jones, Thomas X, Native Son, Nataani Means, Savage Fam, Che Christ, and Alas.

We interviewed Ant Loc from Savage Fam about hip hop and indigenous resistance.

We utilize Hip Hop as a tool, to spread the shit, like realistic shit. Like fuck everybody who’s trying to destroy this Earth. That’s trying to destroy our people, trying to ruin our people.” – Ant Loc

Savage Family on Hip Hop and Indigenous Resistance from Unicorn Riot.

Throughout the day some people celebrated the apparent partial victory resulting from the federal government’s request to Energy Transfer Partners to voluntarily halt construction.

Other water protectors warned that Dakota Access Pipeline construction could resume at any time – either as a result of the company ignoring the federal government’s request, or simply at a location outside of the 20-mile area near Lake Oahe.


News also came of an additional arrest of a participant in recent direct actions, although the exact details are still not known to us. Reportedly similar to Friday’s arrest of Red Warrior Camp media spokesperson Cody Hall, the person was arrested after being pulled over while driving in the area of the anti-pipeline camps. Cody Hall has since been released from custody.

On Saturday, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman, who was seen interviewing water protectors in news footage of the September 3rd private security dog attack which went viral.

Earlier last week, arrest warrants were also issued for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, as well as her running-mate Ajamu Baraka, after they were both videotaped spray painted messages onto Dakota Access construction machinery during a direct action on September 6th.

For a recap from the month of August’s action, see below.

September 2016

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