DNC Day 1 – Thousands March Against Hillary & Election Fraud

Philadelphia, PA – The first day of the Democratic National Convention featured thousands of people marching for a variety of causes, raucous at the gates of the security perimeter where 54 people were cited for disorderly conduct in heat that topped 100°.

Unicorn Riot was live on and off throughout the day.

At 10 a.m., around 200 people joined together in a march titled ‘#ShutDownBerks and Dismantle ICE’.

The route of the march went from Capitol Field to City Hall with many chants to dismantle ICE, stop the deportations, and respect immigrant rights.

After reaching City Hall, we observed many groups congregating and marching for their separate issues. We witnessed a pro-cannabis gathering, verbal clashing between groups, a whole lot Bernie supporters, and finally a massive march that went to FDR park.

Around 3:30 p.m., thousands of people left City Hall and marched to FDR Park with a focus on ending poverty. The main organizer of March for Our Lives was the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign “for economic justice by protesting the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia”.

We spoke with some people who were in front of the march about oligarchy, voting, and more.

On Broad St. by Passyunk Ave. a group of dozens of people made it their mission to take down the Mississippi state flag that was hanging from a light post.

City Police stood guard over the flagpost and city workers eventually took it down. Watch below to see this happen:

Meanwhile, at the security perimeter to the convention, protests erupted. 54 people were cited for disorderly conduct for breaching the security perimeter and sitting down to protest the Democratic Convention.

See below to view the day’s live stream videos:

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