Major Neo-Nazi Merchandise Distributor Exposed in Denver Metro Area

7/12/16- Wheat Ridge, CO- Information published earlier this week as part of an investigation by the anti-fascist organization Rocky Mountain Antifa has exposed the inner workings of what may be the largest neo-Nazi and white supremacist merchandise distribution business in North America.

MSR Productions claims to be “the oldest and most reliable distributor of racialist musical products in North America.”  In business since 1988, MSR Productions sells flags and pins with imagery from Nazi Germany, the Ku Klux Klan, contemporary fascist groups such as Blood and Honour, as well as merchandise for neo-Nazi and white supremacist bands such as Screwdriver, Lightning Rod, and Third Reich.

Homepage of MSR Productions
Homepage of MSR Productions
Products for sale on the MSR Productions website.
Products for sale on the MSR Productions website.

Information posted to the Rocky Mountain Antifa blog (which our reporters have independently verified) shows that MSR Productions is run out of the home of David Daboll in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, roughly half an hour outside of Denver.

Some antifascists have long pondered about the distribution side of things. Who distributes their merchandise? Where the hell do all these fascist fucks order their stickers, patches, and swastika flags? You know, the ones seen in the background of all their selfies posted on their Facebook pages. My oh my, wouldn’t we just love to find “the stash.” Rocky Mountain Antifa is pleased to announce we totally found it!!! Let’s delve right in and meet the disgusting face of MSR productions. Meet David Daboll.” –Rocky Mountain Antifa

David Daboll of Wheat Ridge, CO

David Daboll has frequently used the pseudonym David Custer, a name under which he has played in the neo-Nazi band Lightning Rod. He has also made white supremacist music under the solo act “David Hess.”

Daboll publicly lists himself as a member of the School of Blues Colorado Meetup group.  We have contacted the organizer of School of Blues Colorado Meetup group for comment and are waiting to hear back.


According to Rocky Mountain Antifa, a man driving a car with Nebraska license plates makes weekly trips to Daboll’s home and has been repeatedly seen loading up boxes from Daboll’s garage.

While the man presumably redistributing neo-Nazi merchandise from MSR has not yet been identified by name, an image of him posing with Daboll has been found online, included with an interview David gave earlier this year to the white supremacist music blog Midgård.

David Daboll, pictured with a man who regularly fills a vehicle with Nebraska license plates with boxes from Daboll’s garage

An Experian CreditScoreSM Report for MSR Productions, acquired by Unicorn Riot, shows that MSR is on thin ice, with a credit ranking score of 26 indicating a “significant probability of delinquent payment.”

According to this report, the “Agent” for MSR is a man named Julius Powell, the business has 3 employees and has done total sales of $142,000.

More details about David Daboll and MSR Productions can be found in the post “The Face Behind MSR Productions: David Daboll” on the Rocky Mountain Antifa blog. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Read the full Experian CreditScoreSM Report for MSR Productions below:


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