Mississippi Stand Action Stops DAPL Construction in Iowa

Sandusky, IA – On Saturday, September 24th, 2016, a non-violent direct action out of the Mississippi Stand camp shutdown Dakota Access Pipeline construction at the point the pipeline will cross the Mississippi river at Sandusky, Iowa.

The action, which started with a six a.m. lock-down by three people (pictured below), and included two more actions, stopped work at the construction site for the day.

Around 1 p.m., a five person sit-in was allegedly illegally detained by private security (video below).

An autonomous yoga action also took place later in the afternoon.

Unicorn Riot spoke with Alex, a coordinator of the camp, who told us that it was the fifteenth direct action the camp has done.

A total of twelve arrests took place, including a photographer. All arrested were charged with criminal trespass. The three individuals locked down were also charged with “Interfering with an Official Act.”

Mississippi Stand sent Unicorn Riot this statement about the ongoing encampment opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa:

Mississippi Stand comes together in solidarity with Standing Rock, because we acknowledge the importance of the protection and preservation of Native Land. It’s crucial that all water protectors rise up together to fight for our Mother Earth, and all who inhabit this beautiful planet. This begins with defending our most valuable life source, water.

The encampment was set up August 30th, 2016 and has continued a 24/7 presence. The campers plan to continue weekly trainings and direct actions.

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