Mississippi Stand Goes Inside Pipeline and Shuts Down DAPL Construction

Boone, IA – On Thursday, November 10th, 2016, three water protectors from Iowa’s “Mississippi Stand” occupied the inside of the Dakota Access Pipeline to stop construction at their bore site near the Des Moines River.

Video from Mississippi Stand’s facebook page show people wearing headlamps crawl inside the pipeline while DAPL private security calls into the pipe for the people to come back. Eventually the camera shows the three forms crawling further into the pipe.


Water protectors held the space inside the pipeline, stopping it’s construction for seventeen hours according to Mississippi Stand’s facebook page.

It’s also been reported that police used ropes to pull out the three water protectors inside.

The police then welded bars over the entrance to the pipe after they were extracted.

The water protectors were released on $1,000 bond and are expect to be in court Wednesday and Thursday, they may face federal charges. Mississippi Stand vows to continue to disrupt Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Alex Cohen of Mississippi Stand said:

We’ve tried every other political process, and that stuff hasn’t worked. And our mother doesn’t have time. And I think the only thing. I truly believe the only thing that’s going to stop this pipeline is direct action.

This direct action follows a string of direct actions that are part of Mississippi Stands Caravan which has traveled across Iowa disrupting Dakota Access Pipeline construction. The actions have included lock downs at construction site entrances as well as lock downs to construction equipment.” – Alex, Mississippi Stand

Here is a video of the pipeline occupation which stopped construction for seventeen hours.

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