#NoDAPL Water Protectors March on ND State Capitol after Caravan Disrupts Construction

Bismarck, ND – On Monday morning, hundreds of water protectors began a day of action by departing in four different caravans, corresponding to the four directions, to hold actions and demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline.


One group of water protectors entered a pipeline easement off of Highway 6 in Morton County, causing all the workers in the area to leave for the day.

Before people left the area, private security mercenaries hired by Dakota Access threatened water protectors with baseball bats.

One of the security guards was heard in a livestream video calling the water protectors “the scum of the earth” while holding baseball bats.

Another convoy of water protectors in vehicles was reportedly intercepted by police, who prevented them from traveling towards Mandan on their chosen route and forced them to take several turns, lengthening the drive.

Longtime direct action trainer and organizer Lisa Fithian, who has been present at Standing Rock providing assistance to indigenous leadership, was targeted and arrested by law enforcement as she stopped at a gas station during the caravan. Records show Lisa Fithian bonded out of the Morton County Jail on Monday afternoon and has been charged with Disturbing the Peace.

Later in the morning, the groups of water protectors from the four different caravans began to regroup at the state capitol grounds in Bismarck, ND, holding prayer ceremonies and sharing songs.

As the crowd at the capitol grounds swelled from dozens to hundreds, the water protectors decided to march through downtown Bismarck to ask for support from the local residents.

The pipeline was originally planned to go very close to Bismarck, but local residents of the mostly white city rejected the route, citing concerns over drinking water being contaminated by an oil spill. This led to the pipeline being re-routed within a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, in what many have called a clear example of environmental racism.

The unpermitted march took the streets of Bismarck for several blocks until a line of Bismarck police officers in riot gear stopped the crowd at Rosser Ave., telling them that Rosser was the busiest street in Bismarck and the march would not be allowed to go any further.

The crowd stopped at the intersection of Rosser & 3rd, outside a federal building, which several water protectors had reportedly entered to demand that the federal government stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. The crowd gathered to listen to songs and prayers shared by youth and elders.

Eventually police interrupted an elder who was singing to declare “this is an unlawful protest” and ordered those gathered to disperse.

Unicorn Riot was live for the duration of the march and street gathering in Bismarck:

Monday’s events came just two days after water protectors gathered in prayer outside of a DAPL work yard in Mandan on Saturday, during which time a DAPL employee waved a loaded pistol at the crowd, pistol whipped several individuals, and fired shots into the air.


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