#noDAPL #noLine3 action at Enbridge, Inc. Edina location

#NoDAPL Solidarity Action at MN Enbridge Office

Edina, MN – On September 29th, community members and water protectors staged an action at Enbridge’s Edina office in solidarity with resistance efforts against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).

Unicorn Riot was there to document the action.

Video: Community Members & Water Protectors Stage #NoDAPL Action at Enbridge Office in MN

Attendees of the action were let into the lobby by an Enbridge employee. Signs and handouts containing a declaration against Enbridge and Dakota Access accompanied an “Enbridge lemonade stand”, from which cups of “oil” were offered to Enbridge employees.

The declaration identified Enbridge, Inc. as the single largest financial contributor to the DAPL project. It also stated the intention of the people of Minnesota to continue to expose Enbridge’s irresponsible and exploitative business ventures, including the proposed Line 3 in Minnesota.

Declaration against energy companies Enbridge and Dakota Access, handed out today to Enbridge employees
Declaration against energy companies Enbridge & Dakota Access, handed out today to Enbridge employees

While some attendees chanted “You Can’t Drink Oil” and “Love Water, Not Oil”, others approached every Enbridge employee in the mostly-vacant office. Each employee was given a copy of the Declaration, and asked if they wanted to drink a cup of oil.

Community members, water protectors offer cups of "oil" to Enbridge employees
Community members, water protectors offer cups of oil to Enbridge employees
Community members, water protectors offer cups of "oil" to Enbridge employees
Enbridge employees are read the declaration against their employer by community members

Participants in this action left the office once every available employee had been approached. The “lemonade stand” was set up once more outside of the building while an organizer summarized the contents of the declaration.

A man exited the building and identified himself as building security. He informed the group’s police liaison that the Edina police had been called, at which point the attendees opted to leave the office.

After leaving the Enbridge office, en route back to Minneapolis one car was pulled over by an unmarked law enforcement vehicle.

Sgt Mendel pulls over civilian vehicle
Sgt. Nate Mendel of Edina Police used an unmarked car to pull over a civilian vehicle that had just left the Enbridge office

The driver identified himself as Sergeant Mendel; Unicorn Riot had documented Mendel filming attendees of the action at the office.

Mendel was quickly joined by several more officers in uniform. All five passengers in the vehicle were trespassed for one year from the Enbridge office, located at 7701 France Avenue South.

This action at Enbridge complements other resistance efforts nationwide, and took place one day before a bus will depart to the Sacred Stone camp from Minneapolis.

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