Solecast 23 w/ Flobots on Music, Resistance, & Comic Books

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Solecast 23 features an in-depth discussion with the legendary Denver hip-hop band The Flobots. The conversation mainly focuses on their “No Enemies” project, which updates popular songs to employ at demos, actions and protests. No Enemies draws on the rich history of folk music from prior social movements and brings a cultural element to resistance that is notably absent from many of the current struggles.

The wide ranging conversation also touches on the following subjects:

  • The experience of being on a major label to becoming fully DIY and utilizing crowd-sourcing to release their new album.
  • A discussion/critique of privilege and race (s/o to Andrea Smith).
  • A discussion about Denver’s radical history ranging from the Brown Beret movement in La Ala Park in the 1960’s, to Black Wall St. aka Five Points, to the current state of gentrification in Denver.
  • Comic books and their revolutionary potential.

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