Water Protectors Bridge onto Turtle Island; Mandan Thanksgiving Street Feast

Cannonball / Mandan, ND – On Thursday, November 24th, water protectors held an intersection in Mandan, North Dakota to commemorate Indigenous genocide, saying “No Pipelines, No Prisons, No Problems“. Later, water protectors held space on Turtle Island, the site of a major action on November 6th.

In the morning, a Thanksgiving Day banquet was set in the intersection of Main St. & Mandan Ave. in Mandan, North Dakota. Unicorn Riot was live to document this action.

Vegetables, a puppet of a crucified pilgrim and a pig’s head all sat atop banners that read “No Dakota Access Pipeline” and “Fuck Genocidal Appreciation Day“.

As people began dispersing, law enforcement started towing legally parked vehicles without explaining why.

During this time, police made at least two arrests, and at least one person has been hospitalized from injuries sustained during their arrest.

As a squad of officers were making an arrest in the Burger King parking lot, a masked officer said to a Unicorn Riot journalist who was documenting the arrest, “I don’t recognize you as press“, while telling the crowd to move away.

Water protectors ultimately dispersed from the Mandan area after a few hours. To see the streams of this action, view below:

In the early afternoon, water protectors constructed a small bridge to Turtle Island, over the Cantapeta Creek, and held the space along the shoreline.

On November 6th, a major action in the same location was met with tear gas and pepper spray.

Law enforcement lined the top of the ridge, ready with tear gas canisters and pepper ball guns.

Police line the top of a sacred site as water protectors pray during Thanksgiving Day

The police were seen spraying a water hose downwards onto the hills towards the direction of the water protectors as hundreds gathered on the bank.

One water protector characterized this action as a “big step” in the movement.

Unicorn Riot provided a brief livestream of the area around the Turtle Island action, along with the full interview you can watch here:

In further news, as Unicorn Riot previously reported, the website of law enforcement vendor Safariland, as well as their purchasing portal SafariXchange.com, remained inaccessible throughout the afternoon on Thursday, apparently due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack claimed by @AzureDeadSec. Safariland crowd control weaponry is frequently cited in a recent FEMA Field Force Operations training manual, Unicorn Riot reported on Nov. 16th.

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