Anonymous Takes Down White Supremacist ‘League of the South’ Websites

Killen, AL – On Wednesday afternoon November 8, the twitter account @AnonyInfo, associated with the cyber-activist and hacker collective umbrella known as Anonymous, announced that it was targeting websites affiliated with the League of the South.

An apparent Distributed Denial of Service Attack had knocked two websites offline – and

As of noon eastern time on Thursday, November 9, was back online however was still down.

The League of the South, founded in 1994, is a neo-Confederate, pro-slavery group mostly known for their involvement in the ‘Nationalist Front’, a coalition formed with various neo-Nazi groups which is generally held responsible for starting the street violence at Unite The Right in Charlottesville. Shields bearing the League’s logo, a black X on a white backdrop, were used as battering weapons against passive counter-protesters by the Nationalist Front contingent on the morning of August 12.

League of the South’s Florida Chairman Michael Tubbs, who was seen ordering League members to undertake organized violence in Charlottesville, was previously caught stealing weapons from the US Army, for which he served four years in prison in the early 1990s. An indictment against Tubbs also alleged that he had been organizing a group called Knights of the New Order, and had a list of Black and Jewish businesses he was planning to attack. The League of the South is among several Unite The Right organizing groups currently named in a lawsuit accusing them of “illegal paramilitary activity.”

Chairman of Florida League of the South Michael Tubbs. Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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