Creativity Shines at Icy Art Sled Rally

Minneapolis, MN – On January 27, 2018, Unicorn Riot was back covering the Powderhorn Art Sled Rally in South Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park for our third straight year. In frigid temperatures, decorative and amazingly creative sleds (including a Unicorn sled this year) whipped down an icy hill.

The Art Sled Rally is organized by South Sixteenth High Jinx, a group of artists and community members who are together to bring free arts to the Powderhorn neighborhood.

We believe part of a healthy existence is being outside a little bit at all times of year, and part of a healthy community is getting together as often as possible, especially during the coldest and most isolating parts of the year.

We chose to create a mass sledding spectacle, in part, for the history of mass winter events at Powderhorn Park that began around a hundred years ago.You will find pictures of incredible pageantry, throngs of people and fantastically sculptured luge tracks in Powderhorn from the early 1900s on up through the sixties. We would like to see this organized enthusiasm for winter activities continue. – South Sixteenth High Jinks

Sled team “Snot Rocket” celebrates at the finish line
Kids flying out of their sled after hitting the wall of hay bales
A sled team getting some air near the bottom
A sled taking off into the air near the bottom of the slope

Watch our livestream of the full fun-filled event.

Unicorn Riot looks forward to returning in 2019, to cover the Art Sled Rally once again. See our past two years of the Powderhorn Art Sled Rally:

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