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Life Vest Mural Draws Attention to the Plight of the Refugee

Frankfurt, Germany – A large orange life vest was painted in the center of Frankfurt’s Bockenheim Campus to bring attention to the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Two of the artists from ‘Collective Without A Name’ (DE: Kollektiv ohne namen) spoke with Unicorn…

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Flores Oscuras Platforms BIPOC Artists’ Expressions of Horror

Minneapolis, MN – Eight blocks north of George Floyd Memorial Square, seven artists are using Halloween weekend as an opportunity to showcase the horrors of life under white supremacy for BIPOC-identifying community members.

Flores Oscuras (“dark flowers”) is a live show for Black, Indigenous, and…

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Street Sized Painting of Black Lives Matter Mural in Minneapolis

Historic Black Lives Matter Mural Painted in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN – Nearly two months after the brutal police killing of George Floyd, a massive ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural was painted in North Minneapolis on the street in front of Minnesota’s only Black History Museum. More than a dozen local artists, some with the…