Denver Protesters Call for “Everybody Out!”

Denver, CO – Nearly 150 protesters marched through the streets of downtown Denver denouncing both presidential candidates on Thursday, November 5, 2020.

A popular chant throughout the evening was “No borders, no walls, no USA at all!”

The protest was advertised based on a flyer and language from CrimethInc.’s EVERYBODY OUT! Resources for a Season of Post-Election Unrest, which was published prior to election day.

“Everybody out means this is not just about Trump or ‘preserving democracy.’ If Biden wins the election, we must not permit his administration to continue Trump’s policies, we must continue to fight against every imposition on anyone’s liberty or well-being. If Biden wins, there will still be police, prisons, deportations, ecological destruction, capitalism—a Biden victory is not the end of this struggle, it is just the beginning of a new chapter.”CrimethInc.

Two prominent banners at the protest were “Whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable” and “Death to fascism and the liberalism that enables it.”

The Indigenous multi-media crew at Indigenous Action published a list of 16 Things You Can Do To Be Ungovernable on November 7. They explain in the introduction to their list how “Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin.”

“We have been refusing domination, control, and exploitation in these lands by colonial forces since 1492. Being ungovernable means we pledge no allegiance to colonial authority nor are we dependent upon their systems for our survival, identity, belonging, or well-being.”

The protesters left their meet-up point around 6:30 p.m. local time, and marched for about an hour and a half while stopping occasionally in street intersections to set off fireworks and burn at least one Trump flag and one thin blue line flag.

As the majority of the crowd stayed in the street focusing on chanting, some concentrated on smashing windows, spray painting, and creating barricades and obstructions for the police.

Many circle A’s, the emblem of anarchism, were painted on buildings, as well as “Fuck Biden” and “Amerikkka.”

Protesters chanted “Whose land? Indigenous land!” instead of the common protest anthem “Whose streets? Our streets!”

During most of the march, police on motorcycles stayed at the front, while other police vehicles kept a wide perimeter. It wasn’t until the windows of First Bank and UMB Bank were smashed, that police dressed in riot gear aggressively moved toward the protesters to clear them off the street.

Pepper ball pellets rained down, one hitting our local reporters’ leg, and tear gas canisters were thrown toward the protesters.

The police also banged their batons against unaffiliated vehicles in the road to force the drivers out of the way. Our local reporter attempted to retrieve the badge number of one of the officers who assaulted a moving vehicle, however he responded by yelling “Get back!”

Denver police spokesperson Doug Schepman reported eight people were arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief, assault and weapons violations. All arrestees were released on personal recognizance bonds, or PR bonds, of at least $5,000 each. Even though a dollar amount was attached, fees are waived for these types of bonds.

As President Trump continues in his desperate search for any possible way to remain in the White House, and President-Elect Joe Biden prepares to move in come January 20, 2021, protests are bound to continue from all sides.

Some protesters, like those in Denver, will likely persist in trying to highlight their belief of the illegitimacy of the U.S. government and how it has and always will be oppressive and exploitive, while others will probably continue to fight for Biden and Harris’ peaceful transition to power, and Trump’s supporters will undoubtedly “stand back and stand by” for whatever Trump needs of them.

No matter Biden’s “clear victory,” the future is uncertain.

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