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731 Miles for Justice

Louisville, KY – Breonna Taylor’s home was the finish line for a 731 mile walk that ended just days before Christmas. Lavish Mack started the 7-week “Journey to Justice” on Oct. 31 at the intersection where George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis. Providing constant updates…

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Indigenous Elder Speaks on the Reality of Thanksgiving

Minneapolis, MN – Thanksgiving Day is framed as a time to connect with family, yet the roots of the holiday come from the massacres of Indigenous people in the U.S.

We sat down with Wanbli Máyašleča, an artist, healer, teacher, and Native American elder to…

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Flores Oscuras Platforms BIPOC Artists’ Expressions of Horror

Minneapolis, MN – Eight blocks north of George Floyd Memorial Square, seven artists are using Halloween weekend as an opportunity to showcase the horrors of life under white supremacy for BIPOC-identifying community members.

Flores Oscuras (“dark flowers”) is a live show for Black, Indigenous, and…