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Gazans Flock to Beaches Amid Record Breaking Heatwave

Gaza Sea, Gaza, Palestine — The Gaza seashore has become the only outlet for the residents of the Gaza Strip to escape the sweltering heat during record breaking temperatures this summer. About 2 million citizens inhabit the Gaza Strip, living under a suffocating land, sea,…

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Travels of Hate: An American Far-Right Extremist in Greece

Connected to far-right extremist groups Propatria and Golden Dawn, American extremist Robert Rundo visited Greece at least twice while on the run from U.S. authorities. Rundo was arrested in Romania in late March and is set to be extradited to the U.S. for riot and conspiracy charges related to a string of violent acts Rundo took part in across the U.S.

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Shahba, Syria: Survival as Resistance

Shahba and the wider Aleppo area have been the most damaged by the ongoing war, as it was the worst-hit during the clashes between warring parties. For years subjected to infrastructure bombing, the 2023 earthquake made it even worse.