Unicorn Riot

Appalachian Forest Blockades Disrupt Mountain Valley Pipeline

In Jefferson National Forest on the border between Virginia and West Virginia, two forest occupations block the proposed route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, or MVP, to drill through Peters Mountain. Activists erected a monopod in the middle of the road on April, which still stands and is the longest continuously-occupied monopod known. This road blockade has prevented access to the tree sits further up the mountain, which are located directly on where the MVP is planning for the hole they drill through the mountain to exit.The Forest Service has enforced a closure of public lands on 125 feet on either side of the access road up to the monopod, to prevent the protester in the monopod from being re-supplied with food or water. These protests have been met with support from local Appalachian communities, who see the pipeline as encroaching on their land and their way of life.