Unicorn Riot

Zone À Défendre Resist Eviction Update #2 – Interview w/ a Zadiste

Barricades continue to go up around the ZAD-NDDL as the French state announced an end to eviction operations and attempts a new hand at negotiating agreements with the self-organized autonomous territory. “The days are blurry“, said Camille, “our memories are being pounded by concussion grenades and tear gas.” We spoke with ‘Camille’, a Zadiste inside the ZAD-NDDL, for the second time in the last three days to get the latest information on the police’s eviction attempt which started early on Sunday, April 8th, 2018. The ZAD-NDDL (Zone À Défendre Notre-Dam-Des-Landes), near Nantes, France, is a 4,000 acre territory on land where an airport project, opposed for decades, was cancelled just months ago and has been occupied since 2008.