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Mayor Betsy Hodges Speech at U of M Campus Disrupted

Minneapolis, MN – On Thursday, May 19th, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speech at the U of M campus was disrupted by members of the Black Liberation Project (BLP). The speaking event was titled “The Opportunity City: Progress Report for Improving Equity in Minneapolis”.
Here is…

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#BlackWomenMatter Rally #SayHerName

May 21, 2015
The Black Liberation Project in Minneapolis organized a #BlackWomenMatter rally in Minnehaha park. They created a space for black women to have their voices uplifted. The rally ended with participants planting flowers, some for those taken for the police, other for black…

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Black Women Matter Vigil in Minneapolis’ Sculpture Garden

April 27, 2015 – #BlackWomenMatter – Minneapolis, MN
Black Women Matter Vigil in Minneapolis’ Sculpture Garden organized by the Black Liberation Project.
Community members gathered to uplift black women’s voices by holding a vigil to provide a healing space in the face of police brutality.…