• Hacking Drones at DEFCON: “All Skyz Belong To Us”

    August 23, 2018
    Las Vegas, NV – This years DEFCON hacking conference featured a new village called “DroneWarz”, which focused on the research and development of offensive and defensive drone technologies. The Drone Hacking Village (DroneWarz) offered multiple hacking challenges, including more than twelve skill-based drone hacking challenges…...
  • Eviction of Denver DIY Stronghold Rhinoceropolis Ordered by Deputy Police Chief

    December 23, 2016
    Denver, CO – Following the eviction by the Denver Police and Fire Departments of the longtime Do-It-Yourself (DIY) art and music space Rhinoceropolis earlier this month, the RiNO neighborhood association issued a statement condemning the eviction. In addition to objecting to the targeting of a…...