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‘Gold Mafia’ Kingpin Anointed MP as Zimbabwe Disenfranchises 108 Elected Officials

Pedzai Sakupwanya, the losing ZANU-PF candidate known as the “New Mr. Gold” inherited a free parliamentary seat as Zimbabwe's government dismissed 108 elected opposition officials and barred 46 from subsequent by-elections. Violence, gold money and lawfare came into focus in a by-election campaign that gave away the southern African country's troubled democracy.

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Contentious Copper-Nickel Mine Gets Permit Approval from MN Appeals Court

Saint Paul, MN — On Monday, December 18, the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld a key air permit issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for a proposed copper-nickel mine formerly known as PolyMet. The company — NewRange Copper Nickel — views the decision as…

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Alaska Mining Project Threatens Salmon, Water, and Native Communities

Alaska – Trump Administration officials have fast-tracked permits for the largest open-pit mine in North America. The proposed Pebble Mine had previously seemed paralyzed, after more than a decade of relentless opposition by Alaska Native elders and youth. Now, plans for the mine are being…

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Journalist Dies During German Police Sweep of Hambach Forest

Hambach Forest, Germany – One person has been confirmed to have died during police operations to clear the Hambach Forest to make way for a coal mine. The injury leading to the man’s death took place Wednesday afternoon as officers were attempting to remove protesters…