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Pro-Palestine Protest Attacked in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — An older white man drove his vehicle through pro-Palestinian protesters and brandished both a box cutter and a knife on Sunday afternoon. The attack is part of a rising trend of violence on protesters and came as thousands of people held a…

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Hamas Attacks, Israel Responds: Thousands Dead in New War

On October 7, 2023, a coalition of armed wings of Palestinian groups led by the Islamist Hamas movement launched a massive early-morning surprise attack against Israel in what they have coined “Operation al-Aqsa Flood.”

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Ancient Roman Graves Discovered in Gaza

Gaza Strip — Over the past two years, Palestinian workers in the Gaza Strip have discovered 134 ancient Roman era-graves. The most recent discoveries came in September of this year as dozens more graves were found, with a number of them displaying very unique and…

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Repurposed Rubber: Tire Recycling in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip, Palestine — In the besieged and blockaded Gaza Strip, a 27-year-old Palestinian created a car tire recycling project aimed at reducing environmental damage. In light of the difficulties getting rid of tires in Gaza with the Israeli blockade imposed on the Strip, Madian…

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Gazans Flock to Beaches Amid Record Breaking Heatwave

Gaza Sea, Gaza, Palestine — The Gaza seashore has become the only outlet for the residents of the Gaza Strip to escape the sweltering heat during record breaking temperatures this summer. About 2 million citizens inhabit the Gaza Strip, living under a suffocating land, sea,…