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Maunakea Protectors Supported at Gathering at Dakota Sacred Site

St.Paul, MN – Sunday, July 28 Indigenous peoples and allies gathered to share prayer, story, song, and dance to support the Kia’i (Protectors) of the mountain Maunakea, in Hawaii, which is held sacred to the Kanaka Maoli Ohana (Native Hawaiians).
The gathering in Minnesota was…

🦄 Direct Action

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Inside the Self-Managed Factory of Vio.Me.

Thessaloniki, Greece – Workers have successfully self-managed the production of environmentally-friendly cleaning products for the last six years in the occupied factory Vio.Me. There are no bosses in this factory on the east side of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Workers have been in full…

🦄 Community

Workers Healthcare Center of Vio.Me., Created by the Workers for the Community

Thessaloniki, Greece – A radical new approach to healthcare is reclaiming equal relations between specialists and patients while building a community of health from inside an occupied factory in an industrial Greek metro. The Workers’ Healthcare Center of the self-managed occupied factory Vio.Me. has provided…