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Opponents of Philly FDR Park Development Speak Out

Philadelphia, PA – The FDR Park in South Philly is in the midst of a new redevelopment plan supported by the city and private groups like Fairmount Park Conservancy. Opponents of the plan have dubbed their cause “Save the Meadows,” referencing a wild area that…

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image: South Philly residents confront anti-racist community members, one of whom has a sign "Fuck Columbus." A man is gesturing at her with a bat. Above the scene is a yellow bar with date & location, Philadelphia, June 13 - 14, 2020. In the background as a composite, a crowd is gathered around the Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza in South Philly.

Columbus Statue Focal Point for South Philly Right-Wingers

Philadelphia, PA – Marconi Plaza has served as the gathering site for right-wing South Philly residents this past weekend. Members of the crowd were predominantly of Italian-American heritage, reflecting the ethnic composition and culture of some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Two weeks ago the city…