The Solecast # 19 with Vivien Weisman on The Hacker Wars

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An in-depth interview with Cuban born director Vivien Weisman. We discuss the hacker ethic, the importance of whistleblowers & the confluence of hacking & leaking. Vivien talks in depth about the importance of “activist journalism” and her new film “The Hacker Wars.” We spend a lot of time talking about Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julian Assange, and the anonymous movement.

Quotes from Solecast #19:

“Everything that they did to [Julian Assange] is a cautionary tale – [it’s about] what happens when you go up against a powerful foe like the US government or many governments.” -Vivien [5:04]

“When I set out to make my documentary, I wanted to wear my bias on my sleeve. I didn’t want to pretend that it was unbiased, so I really structured it like a fiction film with heroes – anti-heroes.” -Vivien [18:50]

“The reason the film was crafted with the point-of-view [is that] I wanted people to leave with a sense of ‘Woah – let’s go fuck shit up’! I wanted people to get angry first and empowered second… So it was kinda like a ‘call to arms’ rather than an exposé. [The film] was my activism.” -Vivien [21:06]

“We need polemics right now. We need people to stand up and say what’s right and what they believe.” -Sole [23:26]

“To [Jeremy Hammond], he said that hacking is one more tool in the arsenal… but that to him, on the street organizing and protest is the main way to achieve social change.” -Vivien [33:44]

“We had hundreds of thousands of views on torrent sites. The least amount of people who have seen [The Hacker Wars] have seen it on pay-sites – Amazon, and iTunes, and video-on-demand. The most amount of people who have seen it have seen it for free.”  -Vivien [49:39]

She continues her last statement by saying:

“But really the target market in the film is the people that watch things for free! Because those are the people that already have their minds’ free to a certain extent because they are not willing to pay for films and they’re internet-savvy. So to me it’s very gratifying that the film has been viewed so many times with no one making money from it.” -Viven [49:57]

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