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Global Offshore Corporate Networks Exposed in Massive Data Leak

LONDON, UK – Hundreds of thousands of documents from inside Formations House, a posh British finance firm located in central London, have been released online tonight. Formations House created thousands of companies for ultra-wealthy business-people for offshore banking and international transactions. The transparency collective ‘Distributed…

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HOPE Conference Criticized For Allowing Far-Right Harassment

New York, NY – The 12th ‘Hackers On Planet Earth’ (HOPE) conference has become embroiled in controversy regarding the enforcement of the event’s Code of Conduct. In a joint statement released late Saturday, numerous groups present for the conference, including the Tor Project and Riseup.net,…

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The Solecast # 19 with Vivien Weisman on The Hacker Wars

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An in-depth interview with Cuban born director Vivien Weisman. We discuss the hacker ethic, the importance of whistleblowers & the confluence of hacking & leaking. Vivien talks in depth about the importance of “activist journalism” and…