NATO Member Turkey Bombs PKK Rebels Fighting ISIL – Deprogram Ep. 13

Last week we talked about the tragedy in #Suruc. In the following days, members of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) allegedly killed 3 Turkish police in response to perceived Turkish support of ISIL. Turkey then retaliated with mobilizing its (NATO-supported) air force to bomb both PKK and ISIL targets, in Syria as well as Iraq. During the first days of bombing, it’s reported that the Turkish government shut down the Kurdish Free Press. Since last Friday the bombings have continued, and today, Wednesday July 29th, was the heaviest bombardment of Kurdish regions. The PKK has allegedly continued its attacks against security details in Turkey, killing at least 9 members of police and military, setting up continual roadblocks and lighting cars on fire. Over the weekend Turkish forces initiated massive arrests in concentrated neighborhoods and cities around Turkey. A government spokesman is reported as saying that 1302 people were arrested and out of those 1302, 847 have ties to the PKK and a 137 to ISIL.