Arrests Made as Citizens Block Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND – Nearly a dozen arrests have been made as Indigenous tribal members and allies stand firm in their attempt to block the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built.

As the sun rose on the second day the occupation of the two pipeline construction entrance sites continued.

Gathering in circles, many people around the sites prayed and sang songs.

In the video below, a Lakota warrior shares why they stand in prayer against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Around 9:30 a.m., over twenty security vehicles arrived to aid the construction workers with physical force in starting construction on that portion of the pipeline.

With the two construction entrances already occupied, police following orders of the construction company attempted to create a new entrance using orange fencing. People in opposition then gathered at the newly formed entrance and stood in prayer.

Some of them chose not to move when the police ordered the crowd back from an expanding police line and at least six were arrested before noon.

Protest continued throughout the afternoon, as more local tribals members and allies answered the call to come.

Runners, returning from their run to Washington DC to deliver petitions saying No to the Dakota Access Pipeline, ran in chanting and singing. Some of those watching and running continued past the police line and were arrested.

Throughout the afternoon, police guarded construction crews as a new road was built where the pipeline will lay.

The protesters stayed through the evening as the construction workers were then escorted away with all of their equipment, by sheriff’s and state troopers vehicles.

Protesters and Land Defenders told Unicorn Riot that this was just the beginning and many more people were on their way to stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Wednesday, August 11th, the first day of the occupation, was covered by Unicorn Riot here. For our coverage this spring of the Sacred Stone Camp, with many photos and videos, see May 27th report, “Dakota Access Pipeline Blockade Enters 2nd Month“; May 5th, “Sacred Stone Camp Resists Dakota Access Pipeline“; April 3rd, “Tribal Citizens Build Camp in Path of Oil Pipeline“; March 29th, “Tribal Citizens Prepare to Blockade Bakken Oil Pipeline“.

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