Standing Rock Tribal Members & Allies Block Entrance to Pipeline Construction Site

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND – On August 10th, resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL, also known as the Bakken Pipeline) entered a new phase as the Army Corps of Engineers approved construction of the pipeline under the Missouri River.

Unicorn Riot has returned to Standing Rock to cover the events centered at the Sacred Stone Camp nearby the construction area. Our coverage from Day 2 of the occupation (Thurs., Aug 12) is here.

People gathered to state that their treaty rights are to be respected, with several tipis constructed this morning.

Tobacco ties were tied around a second entrance to the construction site in efforts to “call the Thunder Beings, to come and help us stop this”.

This same second entrance was reinforced by Standing Rock members and allies blocking passage to the construction site and more tipi-like structures were being erected.

Surveyors, pipeline workers, and security have been constantly around the entrances as the afternoon passed by on Wednesday, August 10th. Police have told the front-line pipeline fighters that they must eventually move.

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Storms rolled in with lightning illuminating the structures at Sacred Stone Camp late last night as Unicorn Riot arrived onsite:

In recent weeks, the US Army Corps of Engineers approved most permits for the $3.4 billion, 1,134 mile pipeline proposed by the company Energy Transfer, according to Indian Country Today.

Unicorn Riot has learned that the Bismarck, ND based security company “10-Code LLC” has been retained by Energy Transfer to provide the physical means to attempt forcing through this construction project; local community members believe DAPL jeopardizes their future survival by increasing risk of catastrophic environmental damage to the Missouri River basin.

10-Code LLC is registered with the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board. Its info:

Kilde, Steven
PI# 547
Agency# 830
10-Code, LLC
539 Airport Road
Bismarck, ND 58504 indicates it was established in 2011.

In April, a caravan of over 200 supporters, led by forty riders on horse, left Fort Yates for a thirty mile trek to the camp located just north of Cannonball.

For our coverage this spring of the Sacred Stone Camp, with many photos and videos, see May 27th report, “Dakota Access Pipeline Blockade Enters 2nd Month“; May 5th, “Sacred Stone Camp Resists Dakota Access Pipeline“; April 3rd, “Tribal Citizens Build Camp in Path of Oil Pipeline“; March 29th, “Tribal Citizens Prepare to Blockade Bakken Oil Pipeline“.

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